Hair care Myths revealed


There is a wide variety of hair care and styling myths out there. Today we will talk about some of those and put some to rest..

RUMOR: Do I have to have a dirty head to get a color?

ANSWER: Myth!!! This is in no way shape or form true. It does not matter if you have a clean or dirty head it will not affect your color in any way shape or form.

RUMOR: Do I have to rinse my hair in cold water to keep my color fresh?

ANSWER: MYTH!!! It does not matter if you wash your hair in hot or cold water as long as you are using color safe shampoo and conditioner.

RUMOR: Will vinegar work to clarify my hair??

ANSWER: TRUTH AND  MYTH!! Although, vinegar will work to clarify your hair it will also strip your hair of its color.. So yes it will clarify but do not use this if you have color treated hair. Always use clarifying shampoo and conditioner.

RUMOR: If I shave my head will my hair grow back thicker?

ANSWER: MYTH!!! Your hair will appear to be thicker as it comes in as stubble but ultimately it will not be thicker!!!


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