Lets talk about customer service…

When you go to the salon to get your hair or nails done, what are some of the things that you absolutely hate? How about when you don’t get greeted at the door? How about when you have been going to the same salon for 10 years, and seeing the same stylist, and yet they still do not know your name or what services you usually get? As we strive to be the best in town what are some of the qualities that we as a salon possess that you love? Reply with your I love you statements!!!

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  1. I never have been anywhere to get my hair done other than those whom I have known for a very long time.. I was referred to Lady Godiva Hair studio, by my physical therapist. She told me that my highlights needed help!!!! and that she knew the manager/owner of the salon, that he did her hair. She told me to give him a call and let him know I was referred by her. When I called I expressed a lot of anxiety with getting my hair done by someone that I did not know and proceeded to “grill” him. He immediately was able to calm me and got me in the next day!!! when I arrived hesitant he greeted me by name and knew exactly what I needed and wanted without my needing to say anything at all. Now here I am a beautiful head of hair and NEVER again will I go anywhere else.. Eric Earned his keep the first time.. I would say great customer service for this salon I have not been mistreated at all..

  2. Hi Sarah, Thank you so much for such kind words, It was my pleasure to pamper you and make you more beautiful. Until next time darling.

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