Do you tip your stylist?

When you go to the salon do you feel that ┬áit is customary to tip your stylist? or your shampoo girl/boy? If you are one that usually tips how much do you feel is a fair tip? This is a topic that everyone is afraid ti discuss and frankly we cant be afraid we need to talk about it… ]

So, tell us what do you feel is customary when it comes to tipping?

What do you look for?

When you go to the salon to get your hair did all nice and purrrrrrrrdy what is it that you look for in your stylist and/or salon? Personally, I look for someone who knows their stuff. I look for professionalism, someone who cares what I want and need. Someone to listen to what it is… Continue Reading

Hair care Myths revealed

  There is a wide variety of hair care and styling myths out there. Today we will talk about some of those and put some to rest.. RUMOR: Do I have to have a dirty head to get a color? ANSWER: Myth!!! This is in no way shape or form true. It does not matter… Continue Reading

Lets talk about customer service…

When you go to the salon to get your hair or nails done, what are some of the things that you absolutely hate? How about when you don’t get greeted at the door? How about when you have been going to the same salon for 10 years, and seeing the same stylist, and yet they… Continue Reading

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